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Why use action verbs?

It is generally recommended to make resumes and cover letters about accomplishments and not duties. Action/power verbs help create a stronger, achievement-oriented statements. 


Active Verbs for Resumes 

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Power Verbs for Resumes

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Power Verbs for Education Resumes

The Muse article lists 186 action or power verbs that you can use in your job application materials to better exemplify how you meet the job ad criteria. 

This short video, developed by Museum Labour, gives you top three tips for an effective cover letter. 

A comprehensive toolkit specifically developed for museum careers with tips tailored for emerging professionals.  

Tips from hiring managers and seasoned museum professionals to help you create a winning job application. A session developed by Bay Area Emerging Museum Professionals.

Use detailed guidelines and tips when developing your resume and cover letter. Includes resume and cover letter samples. 

Master accomplishment statements for your resume using tips from the video by a career coach Cindy Makita. 

Learn more about key differences between resumes and CVs in this online workshop developed by OWLPurdue. 

Interview Tips

Detailed look into interview strategies by Harvard Business Review which provides a helpful perspective on the experiences of both the interviewers and interviewees. 

Salary Negotiation

Bay Area Emerging Museum Professionals developed a session for EMPs to help them learn how to advocate for themselves through salary and benefits negotiations. 

The Gender Equity in Museums Movement brings you a salary negotiation tip sheet. 


A blog post outlining benefits of mentors in museum workplaces, listing museum mentorship programs. 

One of the largest online free museum mentorship networks, open to museum professionals from around the world.

Career Planning

Alberta Museum Association's Leadership Working Group developed a detailed competency model for museum leadership. From interpreters to directors, museum career paths require specific competencies to ensure successful performance. 

US-based platform offering career support and advice to Black women with the goal to bridge the opportunity gaps

Career Advice

Nina Simon, a seasoned museum professional, innovator and writer, shares 6 tips for getting your museum dream job in this inspirational post. 

A blog focusing on one person's journey in the museum field, filled with tips and advice on sustaining a museum career.