Rights in the Workplace

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Federal information

Information on your workplace rights from the Government of Canada.

Learn more about health and safety federal regulations.


Brief information on your workplace rights, including workplace fairness, pay equity and health and safety in the workplace.

"The Workers' Health and Safety Legal Clinic (WHSLC) is a community legal aid clinic that focuses on workers' rights with an emphasis on workplace health and safety issues and employment law issues."

Developed by the Community Advocacy and Legal Centre of Belleville to help guide people through their options in cases when they experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.

Employment law resources and publications developed by CLEO to help workers with various employment issues, from employment insurance to parental rights.

Understand more about legal responsibilities for human rights in the workplace.

Read answers to frequently asked questions to better understand possible course of action.

British Columbia

Learn more about workplace rights, including minimum employment standards, human rights in the workplace, safety standards, and termination rules.

New Brunswick

Learn more about three workplace rights as outlined in the Occupational Health and Safety Act.